CFOs & Supporting Team With Unmatched Expertise

Our Experience

We understand owners or financiers.  We’ve worked with sales and business development leaders, put together partnerships, formulated comp plans, actively participated in off-sites, edited pitch decks, recruited talent, introduced other investors and lenders, and served as a midnight sounding board for plenty of founders in our roles.

Our Expertise

Collectively, we are a team of experienced operators and thought leaders having founded over a dozen companies and invested in over 100 others across various stages. We have been involved in equity and debt financings totaling AUM over $2B from seed rounds to Series D private fundings.

Our Motivation

We are passionate about working with founders and capital allocators at key moments of inflection or decision-making in their endeavors by aligning to their interests and focusing on the highest value inputs.  We only get involved if we like the people and the opportunity. 

Our Team

Meet the people behind Ignition Consulting

Craig Gainsboro
Founder of Ignition Consultants
Caelan Behn
Chris Whitten
Don MacKenzie
Edwine Alonse
Emma Roberts Waltham
Chief of Staff
Eric Lousararian
Jessica (Shisi) Peng
Lisa Hylton
Luca Puccini
Nathan Fall
Ryan Mateyko
Shirah Wercberger
Stephen Chunias

Meet Craig, our Founder

Passionate about enabling owners and executives across all stages and industries to be successful by providing high quality CFOs on a fractional basis.

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We’d love to hear from you! Ignition provides proven fractional CFO & accounting solutions on demand. Please be in touch to learn more about how we help:

Entrepreneurs or Founders
Launching new ventures, experiencing initial rapid growth where added experience can identify priorities and drive significantly better execution plus day to day controls.
Business operators. Executives and Owners
Exploring business and corporate development opportunities and refinancings.
Accelerators, Venture Investors and Family Offices
Investors seeking to identify investments or make decisions. Our team improves the success rates of portfolio companies.

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