About the Founder & CEO: Craig Gainsboro

CFO to founders with equity and debt financing over $1B

15 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, most notably as U.S. CFO of its Tax and Advisory Line of Service Representing annual revenues of $2.7B and $2.4B, respectively

Expertise in streamlining processes, analyzing complex organizations and executing major initiatives

Fractional CFO to over 50 companies since 2015

The Ignition Story

I was fortunate to be able to work with three of the big four accounting and advisory firms for the first 20 years of my career, culminating in being the US CFO for two lines of service at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The combined annual revenues of those Lines of Service were over $4.5bn with a total finance staff of over 40 people.

PWC enabled me to develop a well rounded set of expertise as a CFO. This included working with all types of stakeholders, peers and subordinates and allowed me to work on revenue enhancements, running a shared services organization, leading and assisting and designing an ERP implementation and cost cutting initiatives.

However, while beneficial for my professional development, this work style was a high paced, taxing role, with extensive travel, and no sense of personal ownership. As a result, I made the easy decision to leave. Various CEOs and founders had been approaching me to assist them with their businesses but couldn’t afford a seasoned full time CFO. Word of mouth led many more CEOs & Founders to contact me; and from there Ignition was born.

My goal for Ignition is to be the best Fractional CFO resource for clients by design, guided by a belief that your Finance team should effectively support the goals of your company or organization. In the first few years I selectively added the most qualified CFOs to ensure quality. And over the past decade we grew to now more than 15 team members with deliberate focus on quality, culture fit and community.

Working directly with your team, we can assist you with your key financial priorities and develop processes and tools that help you achieve your goals. Ignition offers Strategic Leadership when you need it the most, tailored to fits your needs - and is a win/win for the CFOs and clients.

Craig Gainsboro

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